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Combined coal stocks at key Bohai sea ports down 7% on week

2014-04-27 22:43 View:

Chemical News

Combined coal stocks at key Bohai sea ports down 7% on week   Mar 25,2014 Platts Coal stocks at China's four major Bohai Sea ports totaled 17.785 million mt on Sunday, down 1.34 mt or 7.0% week-on-week, Qinhuangdao Port said Monday.

Coal stocks at Qinhuangdao Port dropped 7.3% week-on-week to 6.36 million mt on Sunday; stocks at Jingtang Port fell 10.7% to 4.11 million mt; and stocks at Caofeidian Port fell 7.3% week on week to 4.95 million mt. However, stocks at Tianjin Port rose 1.3% to 2.36 million mt.

The number of vessels queuing at the four ports totaled 125, up from 91 a week ago, Qinhuangdao Port said.

Meanwhile, coal stocks at southern China's Fangcheng Port, a key facility for imports of Australian and South African thermal coal, stood at 4.26 million mt on Sunday compared with 4.14 million mt a week ago, according to a port source.

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