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  • Brand Huier
  • Type Nanohuier-055
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Nano TITANIUM OXYNITRIDE powder (H2N2O2Ti powder)


The main quality indicators: titanium oxide of nitrogen
Titanium content: 60.01% - 60.2%;60.2%
Oxygen content: 36.9% to 59.6%.37.5%
Nitrogen content: 0.12% - 3.2%;1.8%
Fluorine content: 0.3% - 1.9%;0.4%



1.  Sterilization

Can produce anti-microbial & antifouling coating material, when add it to coatings. It’s applied in ward, operating room, domestic toilet and other bacterial dense places, to clean air, deodorize and sterilize bacterial effectively.

2.  Ultraviolet-proof

Since TITANIUM OXYNITRIDE is transparent and ultraviolet-proof, it can also used for additives of food wrapping films, printing ink, coating, textile products and plastic fillers. It can still replace organicultraviolet light absorber to improve coating’s anti-resistant.

3.  Photocatalysis

Research shows that TITANIUM OXYNITRIDE can produce a high catalytic free radical to clean room air.

4.  Self-cleaning

5.  Raw material of Battery

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