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superfine Manganese Binoxide powder MnO2

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  • Brand Huier
  • Type Nanohuier-033
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superfine Manganese Binoxide powder MnO2

Nano manganese dioxide 


CAS NO.    215-202-6       EINECS NO.1313-13-9
color          black                relative density 5.026
formula     MnO2               molecular weight 86.94   
solubility   insoluble in water and nitric acid,souble in acetone

Features of manganese dioxide 

 High-quality raw material and great variety of purity
High mechanical strength and stable chemical property

High chemical activity and good oxidation and catalysis effect


Applications of manganese dioxide 

Manganese Dioxide is mainly used in electrolytic zinc electrolytic lead ,ceramics,chemistry industry and Battery industry.It refers to medication(Potassium Permanganate),national defense,electronical


Technology,printing and dyeing,photography,ceramics,match,weld,


water purification,disenfactor,oxidant,catalyst,agriculture and other industries.

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