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Micro Manganese Sesquioxide Mn2O3 Powder

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  • Brand Trun
  • Type Tr-Mn2O3-P
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Superfine Manganese Sesquioxide Powder Mn2O3
CAS: 1317-34-6
Appearance: dark crystal, it’s poisonous.
Relative density: 4.5
Molecular Formula: Mn2O3
Molecular weight: 157.87
Solubility: insoluble to water, acetic acid; solute to cold hydrochloric acid, warm nitric acid and warm sulfuric acid.
Note: according to user requirements of nano particle can provide different size products.
Deoxidize at 1080℃, its fine dust is flammable. Mn2O3 can be hydrogen disoxidated to Mn2O4 at 230℃, if hydrogen disoxidated above 300℃, it finally get MnO. It can be used as clothe dying material.
Technical specifications:

Items QB9801-3
(Mn) % ≥ 70
(SiO2)% ≤ 0.005
(H2O)% ≤ 0.5
(CaO)% ≤ 0.001
(K)% ≤ 0.001
(Na)% ≤ 0.001
(Pb)% ≤ 0.002
(P)% ≤ 0.5
(S)% ≤ 0.5
(Se)% ≤ 0.005
Application: mainly used in electronic industry

Double packing: plastic bags package in inner side, fiber barrel package outside. All marked with English letters on inner plastic bags, wet weight:25kg, 50kg, 1000kg

Storage & Transportation:
It shall be stored in dry, ventilated and damp-proof ware house, shouldn’t be stored or transported together with acids and oxidizing agent. Use water, sand or extinguishing agent to put out fire when on fire.

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