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Boron Nitride Powder BN cas 10043-11-5

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Size: 3um or customized
Colour:White loose powder

CAS No: 10043-11-5
EINECS No: 233-136-6

Other name: White Graphite



Density: 2.29g/cm3

Solubility: Insoluble in water.

Melting point: 3000°C(It is stable during inert gas)

BN Fe2O3 CaO MgO B2O3
99.9% <0.03% <0.002% <0.04% <0.1%

 Hexagonal boron nitride crystal structure similar to graphite layered structure, showing loose, smooth, easy to absorb moisture, light, and other traits of the white powder, the so called "white graphite." Theoretical density of 2.27g / cm3, Mohs hardness 2.Point, nitrogen 0.1MPA 3000 ℃ sublimation, in an inert gas melting point 3000 ℃, the reduction in a neutral atmosphere, heat to 2000 ℃, temperature up to 2200 ℃ in nitrogen and argon, stability in an oxygen atmosphere poor, can be used to 900 ℃. Expansion coefficient of hexagonal boron nitride is equivalent to quartz, but quartz thermal rate of ten times.Hexagonal boron insoluble in water, when water boils hydrolyzed very slowly and produce a small amount of boric acid and nitrogen; and weak acids and bases are not at room temperature, slightly soluble in hot acid, with molten sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide to decompose.
BN technical indicators: 1, size 99, BN≥99% B2O3≤0.5% particle size D50 (um) ≤2.0 2, size 98, BN≥98% B2O3≤0.5% particle size D50 (um) ≤2.0


1. Release agent of metal forming and lubricant of brushed metal.
2. Special electrolysis in high temperature and resistance materials.
3. Solid lubricant.
4. Heat-seal desiccant of transistor and additive of polymer such as plastic resin.
5. Compressed into various shapes of boron nitride products that can be used as components of heat, high voltage, insulation and heat dissipation.
6. Participated in the catalyst, it can be transformed into cubic boron nitride that is hard as diamond through high temperature and pressure treatment.
7. Nozzle of plane and rocket's engine.
8. High voltage high frequency electric and plasma arc insulators.
9. To prevent neutron radiation's packing materials.
10. Super hard materials were manufactured from BN, can make up high speed cutting tool, geological exploration and oil drilling's aiguilles.
11. Separate cup used in continuous cast steel in metallurgy, amorphous state iron's flow rabbet, continuous cast aluminum's release agents. (various optical glasses' release agents)
12. As evaporation boat of various capacitors thin film aluminizing, kinescope aluminizing, displayer aluminizing, etc.
13. Various retain freshness aluminizing packaging bag.
14. Various laser anti-counterfeiting aluminizing, trademarks gold stamping materials, and kinds of cigarette label and beer label, packaging boxes, cigarette packaging boxes' aluminizing, etc.

Storage Conditions: 

This product should be sealed and stored in a cool, drying chamber and should avoid exposing to the air in order to prevent moisture reunion which will affect the dispersion properties and result use. Stress should be avoided.


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