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Bismuth sulfide powder Bi2S3

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  • Brand Trun
  • Type Tr-Bi2S3-P
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Bi2S3 Bismuth sulfide powder Features:
Bismuth sulfide get property of environment-friendly , photoconduction and nonlinear optical response, which is dark or bron crystalline powder
ITEM NO Appearance Particle size Purity Bi Content Melting Point Molecular weight
Bi2S3-P1 dark or bron crystalline 3-10um 99% 81.09% 685 celsius degree 514.16


Bi2S3 Bismuth sulfide powder Application:
Bismuth sulfide is widely used in solar cell, LRD and infrared optical spectrum, also used in bismuth compound, addtive for easy cutting stell, micro electronic industry.


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