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325mesh Aluminium Boride AlB2 powder

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325mesh Aluminium Boride AlB2 Powder



 1, Used as a semiconductor material for high temperature rectifier, doped material, the tube material, cathode materials and high-temperature nuclear reactor neutron absorbing material.

2, This special alloy has a good wear resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, resistance and temperature have a linear relationship.It can be used for  metal ceramic, wear-resistant coating, high temperature resistance, crucible lining, filling and anti-corrosion spray chemical equipment. It also can be used as super-hard inorganic materials.

3,can replace the silicon steel sheet, more than 50% energy saving.

4,have a certain application in the nuclear industry, rocket nozzles, high temperature bearings, thermoelectric protection tube, auto parts and other manufacturing.

Name Aluminium diboride
chemical formula
CAS NO. 12041-50-8
Melting point 1665 
molecular weight 48.604
Water solubility insoluble
Appearance red powder
Density 3.19 g/cm3



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