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High capacity Ferric Iron Oxyhydroxide desulfurizer

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  • Brand Trun
  • Type Tr-FeOOH
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Product Description


Iron Oxyhydroxide desulfurizer

Size: Φ5×5~15mm

Strength(N/cm): ≥70

Bulk density(kg/l): ≥38%
Through the sulfur capacity: ≥30%


High sulfur content of iron oxide desulfurization agent is an active ingredient with high active iron content, low inert component of the new desulfurization agent. The active iron oxide of the desulfurizing agent is mainly composed of γ-FeOOH and contains a small amount of γ-Fe2O3. In the preparation process, a small amount of high-efficiency desulphurization assistant and organic polymer binder are added, and a unique chemical pore-forming agent ; Has the first penetration of sulfur capacity, low resistance, high degree of purification, strength, good water resistance characteristics. Can be used for natural gas, water gas, coke oven gas, biogas and other hydrogen sulfide gas dry desulfurization device, the organic sulfide also has a certain removal effect.

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High sulfur capacity Ferric Iron Oxyhydroxide desulfurizer FeOOH


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