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Nano Nickel-Titanium Ni-Tishape alloy powder

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Nano Nickel-Titanium alloy Ni-Tishape memory alloy powder


Item no Appearance Average particle size Purity Specific surface area(BET) Mass ratio of nickel and titanium elements Dispersion
Ni-Ti-P black powder 80nm ≥ 99.5% 7.05 m² / g 1:1 no hard agglomeration, can be dispersed in various liquids

Note: according to user requirements can provide different size products.

Applications of nano nickel-titanium alloy powder

(1)nickel titanium alloy have lower elastic modulus, shape memory effect and superelasticity.Corrosion resistance and biocompatibility in alloy, engineering, and biomedical fields have a wide range of applications

(2)powder metallurgy for titanium-based or nickel-based alloy

(3) the surface coating of maritime vessels seawater corrosion resistant materials

(4) lubricant wear-resistant, anti-wear additives

(5) conductive, thermally conductive filler material

(6) The electromagnetic shielding materials

(7)Manufacturing a multilayer ceramic capacitor terminal and the internal electrode, electronic components, electronic paste etc.


Product performance

The variable current laser ion beamgas phase method can prepare theparticle diameter and Ni-Ti componentcontrollable highuniform mixing type nanometer nickel copper alloy powder, high purity, particle size uniform, spherical shape, good dispersion, the sintering shrinkage of small, dark black powder.

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