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Nano Au powder Gold powder particles 10-30nm

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Nano Au powder Gold powder






Suggestion Application Dosage(ppm)

Gold Nanoparticles

>99.9 %



Dilute it into water-based solvents 1-5ppm concentration

Gold Nanoparticles Solution Features:

Gold nanoparticles solution is prepared by dispersing 15nm or even smaller gold nanoparticles into water solution. The preparation will end up with uniform neutral solution with stable color. The gold nanoparticles solution appears to be faint red not golden brown. The gold nanoparticles solution appears to be azury when in condensed state by adding other substance. The solution is edible for human beings and totally safe for skin contact. Like silver nanoparticles, Au nanoparticles are resistant to antibiotics.


Gold Nanopowder / Nanoparticles Application:

When added to the cosmetic product,Au nanoparticles play a role of whitening, anti-aging and emollients; or as Food colorants organisms; Genetic identification; Environmental purification products for refining; Used in food, cosmetics as preservatives; Applied to the production of antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory drugs, and medical equipment, health supplies, beauty care equipment. Living daily commodity, such as food, beverages, nano-gold soap, toothbrushes, all kinds of beauty mask etc...


Gold Nanoparticles Storage Conditions:

1. The nanopowder water dispersion should be prevented from sunlight.
2. The product is for research and development purpose and the user must be a professional person (This person must know how to use this product.)
3. Nanoparticle dispersions are suspensions of nanoparticles in water. These dispersions can be used as-is, or diluted with suitable (compatible) solvents. Nanoparticles in dispersions can sometimes settle upon storage, in which case they can be mixed (shaked up) before use.



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