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Stearic acid amides emulsion

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  • Brand Huier
  • Type Huier-paper-5208
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Stearic acid amides emulsion



Specification index

Malting point: 96-103 °C

Acid Value: ≤1.5 mgKOH/g

Iodine Value: ≤4 gI2/100g

Color: ≤150 Hazen

Moisture: <0.1  %

The relative density:  0.79 (110 °C)

Boiling point:  250 °C (12mmHg)

Bulk Density (solid) : 0.45-0.53



1.It can be used as lubricant agent , anti-adhesive agent, plastic anti-static agent and plastic foam control agent for PE, PP, BOPP, EVA, LDPE, PVC and PVDC etc.

 2. It can be used as a lubricant, release agent and dispersing agent for rubber to improve the dispersion ability of pigment and filler.

3. It can be used as ultra-fine water-based emulsion dispersion for sensitizing agents of thermal paper.

4. It can be used as accessory ingredient for plastic pencil (refill) and ink, and also a    lubricants for coated paper.

5. It can be used as modifying agent for road asphalt, and also as dispersed lubricant for PA-6 modified carbon fiber material.


200 kilogram plastic barrel; stored in cool and dark place. Shipping under sunshine proof and water proof condition.


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